Business Settlement

When you acquire or sell a business and business assets, we can attend to the settlement of the matter. We also provide advice on the appropriate legal structure for new business start-up, prepares corporate documents and trust deeds, conduct name searches to reserve corporate names and register for a business number, the appointment of initial company officers, tax, accounting and financial advisers.


It is not necessary to retain a lawyer to conduct business settlement, especially the scale of the business is considerably small. But often, the incoming business owner is led to believe or expect profitability that turns out to be grossly inaccurate or false.

The outcome of early legal advice may affirm or hold back the decision to purchase, reduce any risk or check off the potential risk involved. A business broker or settlement agent is not qualified to provide such legal advice, nor is their underlying motivation to advise as such.


To ensure unimpeded completion of the matter, we can coordinate with your financial planner, business broker and speak with your accountant and tax advisor to meet your commercial objective.



  • Formation of legal entities, trust and corporate documentation

  • Negotiate and settle the form of offer and acceptance

  • Prepare sale agreement and subsidiary annexure or special conditions

  • Prepare loan agreement, partnership and shareholder agreements

  • Reviewing and advise appropriate security and indemnity

  • Advise term sale or vendor finance

  • Conduct legal due diligence and inquiries

  • Vetting associated lease or sub-lease

  • Advise commercial lease issues

  • Settlement attendance