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Property Settlement

Conveyancing made easy.


In Western Australia, almost all of the property transactions begin with the buyer making an offer to the seller using a REIWA standard contract. Once the offer is made, it becomes irrevocable as soon as the seller accepts it.


When you can make an offer for the purchase of real property or business, contact us to review the proposed offer. Usually, we complete our review within eight work hours and revert to you with written advice with comments for a fixed fee when taking your instructions in respect of your purchase.


A conveyancing lawyer is qualified to provide legal advice to address any legal issues involved or the complexity required. On the other hand, a settlement agent who is not eligible to give legal advice. Sometime a supposedly simple transaction may go wrong because of an oversight that requires a lawyer to rectify the matter.


We work with property agents and business brokers and support them in every manner possible. We conduct electronic lodgements on the PEXA platform and give strong support to future improvement for innovative conveyancing. The online property exchange network enables timeous transactions and improves overall client satisfaction. It reduces paper-based and manual processes, and sale proceeds clear via EFT and title registered in real-time.


You are entitled to inquire with certainty the item of disbursements and government charges, stamp duty, registration fees on the transfer, shire fees and title and company searches. We are happy to provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate of the expected costs. You can also require a fixed fee quote for properties of any value.




  • Contract formation and review

  • Advice on pre-settlement conditions compliance 

  • Liaison with the property agent, business broker and accountant

  • Property title searches and due diligent inquiries

  • Certification of vendor identity

  • Preparation of settlement statement

  • Stamp duty assessment

  • Mortgage advice and inquiries

  • Third-party securitisation

  • Property settlement on PEXA