Dispute Resolution

Litigation is a costly affair and often is said to be unpredictable. A good strategy should predicate the likely rate of return for the effort and requires level-mindedness. It is also necessary to assess the likelihood of a compromise weighing, among others, the need for unnecessary escalation and proportionality to the value of the dispute.


Our practitioners appear in the Federal Court of Australia, Supreme Court, District Court, Magistrate Court and State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia over a range of civil matters. We can represent you, drive a strong negotiation and conduct hearing and trial on your behalf.



  • Bankruptcy and winding-up petition

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Building services dispute

  • Civil liability claims

  • Commercial retail lease dispute

  • Contractual and tortious claims and misleading and deceptive conducts

  • Debt collection matters

  • Defamation matters

  • Employment and industry relations dispute

  • General consumer law and trade practices

  • Mediation and arbitration

  • Minority shareholder oppression

  • Partnership and shareholders dispute

  • Statutory demand

  • Vexatious claim proceedings


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